MOGO Launch new Docu-Dash
As advertised in The Sunday Times
The innovative 'Docu-Dash' has been invented and launched by MOGO to help display many types of document for drivers, such as Disabled Permits, Car Park Tickets and route planners.

Documents may be simply pushed into the hinged Docu-Dash, which can be positioned either on the dashboard or on the passenger's side of the windscreen at the top, for easy and quick display.

Both the 'Taxi Trade' and many Licensing Officers welcomed the NEW 'in-vehicle document display system' - the 'Docu-Dash' on the MOGO stand at the Coventry Private Hire and Taxi Show recently.


List Price Cost
1 Docu-Dash £3.99
3 Docu-Dash 11.97 £9.99
Makes a great gift
10 Docu-Dash 39.99 £31.00
50 Docu-Dash 199.99 £135.00
saves £64.99
100 Docu-Dash 399.00 £250.00
saves £149

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Docu-Dash is a registered trademark. European and GB Patents applied for.