Enhance Your Taxi Licensing with MOGO's Universal Platform Mount
At MOGO UK, we understand the importance of displaying your taxi license plates clearly and securely. That’s why we’ve developed the Universal Platform Mount, a versatile and robust solution tailored for Hackney Carriage and Private Hire vehicles.

This mount is designed to provide flexibility and ease of use, ensuring your license plate is always prominently and correctly displayed.
Versatile and Robust Design
Our Universal Platform Mount is crafted to fit license plates measuring 240mm x 176mm. It offers a permanent fit to your vehicle, guaranteeing that your license plate remains securely in place. Whether you are driving a Hackney Carriage or a Private Hire vehicle, this mount meets all your needs for displaying your license plate efficiently and professionally.
Easy Installation
The Universal Platform Mount comes with a comprehensive fitting kit that accommodates both round 6mm drill holes and turn lock holes, depending on the type of local authority plate you have been provided. The kit includes full instructions on how to fit the mount to your vehicle and license plate, including a drill hole application guide. For a detailed fitting guide, click HERE.

Damage-Free Plate Removal
One of the standout features of our Universal Platform Mount is its ability to facilitate the repeated attachment and removal of your local authority license plate without causing any damage to your vehicle. This is particularly useful for plate renewals, ensuring that your vehicle remains in pristine condition even with frequent changes.
Complete Component Set
When you purchase the Universal Platform Mount, you receive a complete set that includes:
  • Universal Platform Mount
  • Fitting Kit
  • Self-adhesive drill guide
  • Quick release button & key set
These components work together to provide a seamless and secure installation process, ensuring that your license plate is always displayed clearly and securely.
Accessory Compatibility
If you prefer not to drill into your vehicle, we offer alternative options for mounting the Universal Platform Mount. High-strength magnetic kits are available to purchase separately, providing secure attachment without the need for drilling. For more details on these options, please visit our Platform Mounts page.

Our Magnetic Fixing Kit is an alternative fixing method for our Platform mounts. The MOGO Magnetic Mounting Kit includes 20mm x 5mm neodymium magnets, known for their extreme strength. 

Six magnets are needed for our Small Platform mount, and eight magnets are needed for our Standard Platform mount. These high-tech magnets require careful handling due to their power. Insert each magnet into the platform one at a time, ensuring it is pressed into position before adding the next. The platform features protective fingers to keep magnets securely in place, preventing them from attaching to each other. 

Always insert magnets from the top as shown in the instructions to avoid damage.
Innovation Meets Practicality
Whether you’re updating your vehicle’s licensing accessories or need a reliable mount for your signage, MOGO’s Universal Platform Mount offers an innovative and practical solution. Designed to keep your vehicle damage-free and compliant, it ensures your license plate is securely displayed at all times.

Explore the Universal Platform Mount and other high-quality products at MOGO UK to keep your taxi professional and compliant. For more information and to view our full range of solutions, visit our website today.